Making An Impact: Wellbeing Wednesdays

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 07.12.2023
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Making an impact: Wellbeing Wednesdays

This is the latest look at what how we help people in Norwich to eat well, live well and feel connected. Here we focus on our venue at Hall Road in the city.

The two connected units we have there work in tandem to help people in the local community thrive. Our Social Supermarket - The Feed is providing free and low-cost groceries to over 5,000 people who can't afford enough food. The adjoining Community Café is somewhere warm and welcoming to sit, chat and get a drink or bite to eat. It's also a place where we run social activities, help people connect and have free advice available from relevant partner organisations on topics such as budgeting, health and legal issues.

One of the regular events in the Community Café is 'Wellbeing Wednesdays'.

This is free to attend and takes place from 10am to 12pm and snacks and drinks are provided. The sessions vary each week; sometimes it will be a discussion about looking after physical and mental wellbeing then other times there will be some craft activities. It is shaped by what people coming along would like to do and talk about.

We asked people who have taken part in Wellbeing Wednesdays to tell us more about it.

What is the reason you attend?

🔸 "To get some food, have a ride on my bike, see my mates and have some fun with the team"

🔸 "To get out and meet people"

What do you enjoy about Wellbeing Wednesdays?

🔸 "Just chatting to people"

🔸 "The company"

🔸 "Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and not forced to discuss anything"

Do you feel it improves your wellbeing?

🔸 "Yes, people smile and it makes people happy which is good"

🔸 "First time here but yes, very relaxed"

You can read more about the range of activities and support available to members of our Social Supermarket here:

Details about the Supermarket itself are here:

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