Our mission

Our mission is to prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich

The Feed is a social enterprise with a mission to motivate change in order to prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich

We support people who are facing insecurity with their housing, or who face a barrier to employment, such as mental ill health, substance misuse, history of offending and learning difficulties. 

We provide a variety of employability projects and focused 1:1 support, designed to teach people new skills, to build their confidence and motivation and develop new positive routines so that they are able to move forward into employment and are empowered to make a positive and lasting change. Our participants say that they feel welcomed, safe and useful when they come to The Feed.  

We are passionate about food and passionate about people. So that’s why we run café's and a catering enterprise which provide income to fund our work. It also enables us to deliver our valuable program of supported work experience to the people we work with and volunteering opportunities for the community. The food we make is delicious, homemade and locally sourced.

We work hard to build relationships with employers so that they have a more informed view of employing people who face barriers to employment and take a more sympathetic and understanding approach to their recruitment process.

From our Prince of Wales Road café we also run The Community Fridge at The Feed to ensure that the people we support have access to food. It is also available to the wider community, for people facing food insecurity. We are able to provide food and help for people to access other local services to help them to move forward and prevent food poverty, ensuring that the food we provide, makes a difference.

Everything we do works towards our vision of ‘a community free from poverty’

I’m so happy and my confidence has grown since I started this course. I’m looking forward to my future, thank you so much.

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You have helped me find my inner smile that had been buried for safety. I now just want to continue to shine.
Bloom project participant

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