Our Vision and Mission

Updated in March 2023

Our Vision

Our vision is for 'Communities where everyone thrives'.

This focuses on the strengths of a community and our aim to facilitate positive and lasting change.

Our Mission

Through the power of food, our mission is to empower communities in Norwich, ensuring each and every person has the support to eat well, live well, and feel connected.

By providing safe spaces at the heart of the community and a holistic programme of projects and 1:1 support, we can reduce inequalities, raise aspirations, and create a shared culture of strength and kindness.

Our food makes a difference.


I’m so happy and my confidence has grown since I started this course. I’m looking forward to my future, thank you so much.

Our Projects

How we help people eat well, live well and feel connected

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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Get Involved!

Help our work in the community, and have a brilliant time doing it!