Our Values

A social enterprise at heart

We aim to fund as much of our work as we can through operating our cafés and catering business. Profits from this trading then funds the community projects we deliver to achieve our vision of 'communities where everyone thrives'.

Our Values

Be focusedWe will keep things simple. We will concentrate on doing a few things really well and communicating clearly
Be energetic We are committed, dedicated, determined, purposeful and fun. We will not give up on achieving our vision and mission
Be creative We dream big and learn from trying new things. We collaborate with other organisations who share our goals, locally and from further away. We are aspirational and inspire the people we work with to aim high
Make people proudWe take pride in our work and our products and want to be known for being the best. We celebrate our successes
Treat people wellWe always prioritise equality and gain strength from diversity
Improve our environment We seek to improve the local communities where we work and to make a positive impact on the environment

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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