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This page provides lots of useful information for members of our Social Supermarket and Community Café and Kitchen on Hall Road in Norwich.

There's a lot on the page so scroll down to find out about:

  • Making tasty, healthy food

  • Drop-in sessions to give you information from experts in areas like budgeting, benefits, health and more

  • Making connections locally and looking after your wellbeing

Tasty, Healthy Food

Learn more about food

Click through the images below for information about:

  • Making a healthy meal

  • What is protein?

  • What are healthy fats?

  • The benefits of beans, lentils and chickpeas

Great ideas

Click through the images below to see how these items can improve your meals:

  • Bacon

  • Frozen vegetables

  • Tinned beans

  • Freeze and use bananas


Click through the images on the photo gallery below to find recipes and guidance on how to make these delicious dishes:

  • Vegan pulled jackfruit

  • Easy chickpea curry

  • Hidden veg pasta sauce

  • Tomato and bean soup

More Recipes

Click through the images on the photo gallery below to find recipes and guidance on how to make these delicious dishes:

  • Tarka dhal (spicy lentils)

  • Tuna pasta bake

  • Microwave banana pudding

  • Tuna and sweetcorn fishcakes

Drop-in sessions

There are a range of sessions with local experts which take place in the café and they are open to all members. They are free of charge.

You'll be able to get advice about things such as benefits, budgeting your money, legal issues and much more from organisations like Citizen’s Advice, Shelter, Your Own Place, Age UK, Adult Education and Norfolk Community Law Service. We have a private space where you can talk through anything confidential if needed.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up to date with all these events. There are also posters in the supermarket and café with details.

Make connections and look after your wellbeing

We provide a range of activities and discussions to help you make new connections in the local community and look after your wellbeing.


This project started in summer 2023.

Who is Thrive for?

Thrive is for individuals who are looking to have a bit of one-to-one support to improve their sense of wellbeing. Maybe you feel a bit stuck in a rut? Maybe you want to get involved with activities within your community but lack the confidence to do this? Or maybe you just want to find a bit more direction in life? Thrive gives you a chance to have a chat with one of our support team about what your goals are in life and help you to explore any areas that may enable you to develop these and your wellbeing.

How does the Thrive project work?

In the initial meeting we will discuss your goals. We will then book five follow up one-to-one chats to continue to explore ways to improve your wellbeing.  This may involve some activities to help you move forward and make positive steps with your goals.   

What is the cost?

We receive funding to help run Thrive so there is no charge.

What is covered?

We find the most effective way of support is to be led by your aims and goals so the time we spend together will be led by you. We will take a coaching style approach over the six chats to help you to discover your interests. We will then help you to match your interests to activities happening in the community to improve your wellbeing.    

What will I get out of it?

It will hopefully give you a chance to have some space to discover or re-discover your interests and give you a bit more of a sense of direction and purpose in life.

How do I get in touch?

If you are interested in the project:

  • Send an email to or

  • Come to our one of our Wellbeing Wednesdays (details below) and say that you're interested in Thrive

First Steps 

We launched this project in August 2023 and are grateful to Norwich Freemen’s Charity and Hopestead for your support in making it happen.

How does First Steps work? 

You will sit down with our Community Engagement Lead M-C on a 1:1 basis. They will be able to tell you about the support that is available to you, or that you are entitled to, to help you to eat well, live well and feel connected.  

You can read about M-C and her role here:

What is the cost? 

We receive funding to help run First Steps so there is no charge.  

What is covered? 

At the session, our Community Engagement Lead worker will have a chat with you to find out more about your circumstances so that we know how best to support you. They will then be able to provide you with some advice and guidance and make direct referrals into other support services, and into The Feed support programmes and activities that will help you to make improvements to your circumstances.

In some instances, they can provide you with a voucher for our Social Supermarket to you can start using our shop. They can also tell you about other funding that might be available to help you, for example, if your boiler is broken or you’re running low on electricity.  

What will I get out of it? 

You will find out about the support that is available to you and you will be assisted to access that support. It will also enable you to access activities that will help you to feel more connected to other people.  

How do I get involved? 

If you want to know more, please email or pop into the Social Supermarket and Community Café at 65 Hall Road, Norwich.  

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00

After a tough few years for so many members in our community, it's more important than ever to look after ourselves. Every Wednesday morning, we invite you to join us in the cafe for a calm and relaxing midweek reset. We provide free snacks and drinks to those who come along and join us in open discussions about what we can all do to protect, strengthen and nurture our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Bounce & Rhyme

(Term time) Monday 9.30 - 10.30

An opportunity to sing, read stories and play with your young children in a safe and warm space with Nina (one of our amazing volunteers) Free snacks for the little ones and hot drinks for parents.  

Craft Mornings

Tuesday 10.00 - 12.00 

This is designed and organised by volunteers in our community. Every Tuesday morning, we gather together and get creative! Bring your own activities or join in with ours. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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