Thank you for your kind interest in volunteering.

Before your first shift, we will need to ensure you have completed the required training. 

The training is in the form of a series of videos that we hope will ensure you feel confident, supported, valued and safe, while knowing how your volunteering makes a difference, your rights and responsibilities and what to do if you have any problems.

The videos are less than 30 minutes in total. You do not need to watch them all in one session, but please do work through the videos below in order.

Once you have watched these, please email Nick, our Volunteer Coordinator, at to say you have completed them and understood the content. If you have any questions or wish to go through anything please let Nick know.

The videos are shown below.

1. About The Feed

2. Personal Boundaries

3. Confidentiality and Safeguarding

4. Challenging Behaviour

5. Supporting You, Your Rights & Responsibilities

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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