Grace Stewart

Hub Manager, Waterloo Park Café

Find out a bit more about Grace with these questions we asked her in September 2023.

How long have you worked at The Feed?

I have been at The Feed since November 2021, so nearly 2 years now.

Tell us about your role

My role has been as kitchen manager, so cooking for customers at our Waterloo Park Café, stock control and managing staff. 

I have recently been promoted to hub manager for the café, so it will now be focused on ensuring our customers are happy, our staff are happy and the business is as thriving as can be!

What do you like about the role?

I love working for a company whose ultimate goal is to help others. It's very rewarding knowing I'm working for more than just the pay and helping the community.

What's your favourite food in our cafes or on our catering menu?

I'd have to say our Reuben ciabatta (pastrami, sauerkraut, gherkin and Russian dressing). Our sausage rolls are also second to none, but nothing beats a nice, filled, toasted ciabatta.

Your dream meal - who is with you and what's on the menu?

My dream meal would be with my family for the love, my favourite comedian Tom Allen for the laughs, and Hozier for the music. On the menu would be steak dinner with all the trimmings. 

What do you do to relax?

I take my dog Milo for walks, do a weekly pub quiz and enjoy good food and telly with my wife.

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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