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Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 09.08.2023
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Welcome Dani, our new REST café manager!

Dani has recently joined The Feed as the new manager of our REST café on Bethel Street.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her.

What made you want to join The Feed?

I live very close to Waterloo Park and have been using the café for a while. So, I knew a bit about what The Feed did and what they stand for and love everything about it.

Tell us about your role at The Feed

I work as the REST café manager, this is based within Churchman House that also houses Norfolk and Waveney MIND. I work closely with the team there and I serve customers with help from my team and volunteers.

What do you like about the role?

I love working at REST, it’s a very different type of café. We provide a sanctuary for people to come to feel safe and to be able to take a minute, with the help of delicious food and drink at the same time. I am very lucky we are based in an amazing building with a beautiful garden.

If The Feed was an animal what would it be and why?

I would say it would be a horse as they are very loyal, hardworking and the bond between them is very special. They are also used for may different reasons like The Feed. Horses have also been know to protect each other and humans.

What's your favourite food on our menu?

It's our vegetarian rolls - they are delicious! Who doesn’t like cheese and potato wrapped in pastry!

What are your hobbies?

I don’t really have hobbies as such. I love cooking, I was a chef for 17 years and now get to enjoy it instead of it being a job. I love swimming when I have time to go and seeing my friends - they are a big part of my life.

Tell us a funny thing about you or that's happened to you.

I love to do different accents especially when I've had a beer or two!

For your dream meal - who is with you and what's on the menu?

I would be eating pasta at a restaurant called Lo Scoglio in Italy on the Amalfi coast. At my table would be my amazing boyfriend, Stanley Tucci and Dave Grohl. That would be a meal that would never be forgotten!

Thanks so much for taking part in this Dani and best of luck in your role.

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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