Social Supermarket's first birthday

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 06.07.2023
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Social Supermarket's first birthday

Since opening on Hall Road in Norwich on 7th July 2022, the store has been providing affordable groceries to people affected by the cost of living crisis. Originally, we expected to be helping a few hundred families at this stage, but there are around 5,000 people using the supermarket now. This includes families with young children, pensioners and people in full-time jobs.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, toiletries and sanitary products are free as we want everyone to have access to these items. There is a range of fresh, chilled and frozen food, tins and packets of essentials, cleaning products and more on sale at prices lower than most other stores. We have a Community Café within the same premises as the supermarket where we run a range of advice, social and wellbeing sessions.

Our CEO, Lucy Parish, explains "Our Hall Road supermarket and community café has transformed The Feed, meaning we now reach thousands of people in Norwich with our work. This scale demonstrates the level of need in our city for basics like food, advice and a community space to make connections. We'll strive to continue our growth, being informed by what the community tells us, and in partnership with other relevant organisations."

More details including how to sign up here.

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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