Norfolk has the highest malnutrition rate in England

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 24.04.2024
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Norfolk has the highest malnutrition rate in England *

That's a statistic that often surprises people.

Norfolk can appear to be a place which is doing well: a great place to live, a city with history, great shops and restaurants, access to the Broads and the coast.

While that is true for some, many other residents have a different experience. The huge rise in the cost of energy, fuel, rent, mortgages and groceries, means many people struggle to afford enough food.

Our mission at The Feed, is that everyone should be able to eat well, live well and feel connected. In practical terms, that means providing healthy food at affordable prices. We do this at our Social Supermarket on Hall Road in Norwich and over 5,000 people have access to free fresh fruit and vegetables with other items at low prices.

To balance our books, we use profits from our cafés and our catering business, but we need other revenue too: grants, donations and fundraising events.

If you'd like your organisation to help us, why not become a Friend of The Feed? This means that you're committing to raise £1,000 for us this year. It might be you take part in our North Norfolk Coast Walk, the Blickling Half Marathon or do your own thing. Throughout the year, we will keep in touch with Friends by hosting unique events.

Want to help?

Reach out if you'd like to help us rid Norfolk of the tag of being England's leader in malnutrition, drop an email to

* Data taken from a report by Future Health in October 2023 titled "Hiding in Plain Sight"

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