How we helped Sarah

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 20.01.2022
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How our Supported Work Experience helped Sarah

One of our projects which helps people who've faced challenging times, is our Supported Work Experience programme.

How it started

Sarah* contacted us as she wanted to make changes to her life. Having previously studied and worked at a high level, she'd been unable to make progress because of her poor mental health. As she put it "I wanted a job but I wasn't in the right place to even think about it."

Our support

We could see that our work experience would benefit Sarah and she spent time in our kitchen being supported by our Chef Mentor. She showed that she was an amazing baker and she made good connections with others on our programme. This process unlocked her self-confidence and creative spark.

The final step in our support was coaching Sarah in interview skills and helping her job application. She's now secured a job and reflects that she was "supported while being pushed out of my comfort zone. The Feed feels really welcoming and safe".

How to get access this support

If you feel you'd benefit from our Supported Work Experience or know someone who would then you can find more details and how to apply here:

* name changed

You have helped me find my inner smile that had been buried for safety. I now just want to continue to shine.
Bloom project participant

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