£10 for our 10th birthday

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 15.02.2024
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We are celebrating our 10th birthday on 27th February!

It's a big milestone that we have been around for a decade, helping our local community.

We may have a little bit of our own delicious cake to celebrate but we certainly don't want presents.

Instead, if you'd like to recognise the occasion, make a donation of £10 to mark our 10 years:


How will your £10 help?

Your £10 will go a long way - in fact it will buy all of the groceries in the photo at the top of this page from our Social Supermarket and help someone locally who can't afford enough food.

We benchmarked our prices against two mainstream supermarkets and their cost for these same products was £22.

To be able to provide groceries at these low prices we are dependant on the support of individuals, businesses and food suppliers.

We prioritise fruit, vegetables, bread and sanitary products which are all free. The importance of access to healthy food can't be underestimated. In a recent Guardian article, a Norwich teacher said:

"We’ve got children with bowed legs because they’re so deficient in vitamins."

Thank you for helping us to continue our work.

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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