What's it all about?

We have launched this new idea, shaped by members of our Social Supermarket, to help local people share their skills with others. We know there are so many talented and experienced people with amazing skills to share, and we want to help make that happen.

This project is all about using your skills to help other people in your local area. Whether you’re looking to set up a cookery club, allotment group or regular litter pick, we are here to support your plans. 

 What kind of projects can I start?

You can apply to run any activity that benefits your local community. It could be a one-off DIY skills class, a weekly litter pick, or a monthly art club, for instance.  

We particularly welcome applications linked to the following themes: 

  • Food 

  • Nature 

  • Health and wellbeing 

  • Children and young people 

If your idea doesn’t fit into these groups, that’s OK – we are open to ideas. The most important thing is creating something that local people will benefit from. 

What help is available?

  • Make your community idea happen – if you’ve been thinking of starting an activity to benefit your local community, we can support you to do that.

  • Get funding and resources to help run your activity. 

  • Get training in safeguarding, professional boundaries, risk management and more .

  • Use the Community Café as a space for your activity.  

  • Get great experience for your CV. 

What are we looking for? 

We will assess applications on: 

  • The benefit to local people’s health and wellbeing, social connection and skills 

  • How sustainable the project is beyond our involvement 

  • The local demand for this activity 

  • Your commitment to the project 

Who can apply? 

All members of the Social Supermarket are welcome to apply. 

How do I get started? 

There are a few ways, choose what suits you best, we just want to hear what excites you about your idea. 

  • You can complete the application form below or

  • Email Alex in our team: alex@thefeed.org.uk or

  • Send a voice note or call Alex on 07872041166

This is Alex here.

Once you have submitted your idea, we will share it with our community consultation group. They will feed back about your idea, and if approved, they can support you to make it happen. 

Accepted applications will be supported by our community consultation group and Alex, our Community Project Lead.

Application Form

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