Community feedback will shape our next steps

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 15.05.2023
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At the heart of what we are about at The Feed is empowering communities to ensure everyone has the support to eat well, live well and feel connected.

To help us do this we have become a partner in the UKRI Community Research Network project. This gives a voice to people so that they can drive and influence change in their communities. Here in Norfolk we're working with Norfolk Community Foundation and Shrublands Food Club in Gorleston to make this happen. The photo shows staff and volunteers from all three organisations.

We've started by recruiting a team of volunteer Community Facilitators based at our Social Supermarket in Hall Road, Norwich. They are taking the lead in the research and are already speaking with the local community to gather their views. Andrea Auburn is our Programme Development Manager and she explained “Our volunteers have been having some fascinating conversations with local residents about what’s important to them. This research will help to shape The Feed's future support programmes, making sure our services are really relevant to the interests of our local community."

We will keep you posted as the research is completed and we have mapped out our next steps based on what we have learned.

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