Tim's journey with The Feed

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 12.11.2021
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How it began

Tim was strolling through Norwich getting to know the city having recently been released from prison. He'd made the decision to make this his home and base for a fresh start. Tim found our cafe on Prince of Wales Road by accident and popped in for a coffee. He thought it was just another cafe but then he spotted information about the work we do motivating people to make changes in their life to help them towards employment. It resonated with exactly what he was looking to do himself.

What did we do?

After approaching one of our cafe staff to find out more, Tim arranged a discussion with one of our Support Team members Hollie. She explained the range of ways The Feed work with people who are looking to get into work. For Tim, she identified a training course in peer mentoring as his next step, something he had an interest in. He was keen to give support to others and as he describes it "making me feel good about myself too". In addition Hollie provided guidance to help Tim create a CV and covering letter for job applications plus introductions to other organisations with volunteering opportunities to help Tim build his network of contacts in Norwich.

What difference did we make?

We helped Tim settle in to a new city and opened his eyes to new opportunities. "I've got a foothold now in Norwich, with connections and ties" is his description. He adds "I've got a clearer picture now of what I want to do, I feel like I'm on the way."

You have helped me find my inner smile that had been buried for safety. I now just want to continue to shine.
Bloom project participant

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