A Royal Meeting

Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 13.12.2022
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King Charles arrives at the event

King Charles arriving at the event.

King Charles hears from The Feed

Meeting Royalty isn't an everyday occurrence for us but last week it happened!

Lucy Parish, our CEO, was part of the 'Responsible Business Live' event in London organised by Business in the Community (BITC) and which King Charles attended.

BITC was founded 40 years ago by the then Prince Charles and the organisation welcomed their Royal Founding Patron to the event. The purpose of BITC is to encourage businesses to conduct business more responsibly, and Lucy's role as part of the panel was to suggest how businesses can support their communities.

Lucy explains "I spoke specifically about developing structured and relevant volunteering programmes, developed with the community organisations they will impact. I explained the challenges people are facing in the cost of living crisis which we see in Norwich. We feel businesses should embed social enterprises like The Feed into their supply chains to ensure that they are purchasing from organisations who make a difference in their local communities."

Get Involved

We continue to be engaged in BITC and as well as prompting national leaders to take action at events such as this one, we are keen to build more local business connections to help us prevent poverty, hunger and homelessness in Norwich.

If you'd like to get involved with us in 2023 please email Lucy: lucy@thefeed.org.uk

Lucy pictured centre-left at the BITC event
Lucy (2nd right) in the panel discussion

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