Thoughts from our CEO on International Women's Day

Author: Lucy Parish
Posted: 08.03.2023
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Thoughts from our CEO on International Women's Day

"It’s important to celebrate the successes of women this International Women's Day, and my predominantly female team rock, but it’s so much more important to look at what we actually do to promote equity and therefore reduce inequalities within our workforce and our communities.

The fact remains that women face huge inequalities across the world. In the UK, systems prevent equality, with childcare costs soaring and low levels of take up of shared parental leave, keeping women out of the work force. As a result, the gender pay gap has increased, and women are being hit harder by the rising cost of living and more likely to be living in persistent poverty.

So, let’s make this about so much more than just a day, or just a social media post. Let’s take action. Let’s pay all people fairly, with no bias. Let’s make opportunities available for all. Let’s celebrate everyone’s successes equally and provide flexible working policies, that allow everyone to succeed."

Lucy Parish, CEO, The Feed

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