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Author: Chris Elliott
Posted: 01.08.2023
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Let's get back to basics!

If you're just getting to know us, here's why we exist and what we get up to.

What is The Feed?

We are a social enterprise in Norwich and our vision is for 'communities where everyone thrives'.

We want to empower local communities, ensuring each and every person has the support to eat well, live well, and feel connected.

How do we make that happen?

The best example of this is our venue at Hall Road in the city which combines our Social Supermarket and our Community Café and Kitchen. Both parts work together for the benefit of the local community:

🔸 The supermarket was opened because we recognised there was a growing number of people who couldn't afford enough food. We work with many food suppliers to provide a good choice of all the basics including free fruit,vegetables, bread and hygiene products - we don't want anyone going without these. All other items are priced at low cost. Ultimately we are spending more on the food than we get from selling it - an unusual business model!

🔸 The Community Café and Kitchen is connected to the supermarket and is a place where we provide a social space to meet and talk. In partnership with others there are regular free drop-in sessions with experts in budgeting, benefits, legal services, health and more. There are also a growing number of social activities like Bounce and Rhyme and Wellbeng Wednesdys to connect people and build friendships.

How do we fund this?

🔸 We have several cafés including ones at Waterloo Park and on Bethel Street open to the public. They serve a range of delicious homemade food including breakfast, lunch, cakes and sausage rolls with vegan, gluten-free and other options. Profits from these help us run the Social Supermarket but It's tough making a profit when our costs have risen so much.

🔸 A big success for us over the last couple of years is our catering business. Our team produce a wide choice of food for business and social events and deliver it in and around Norwich. Again, profits from this are invested in our community projects.

🔸 In addition, we have revenue from funders, business supporters and individuals doing fundraising and participating in our events.

We hope you can see why we say ... #OurFoodMakesADifference 🧡

How can I help?

If you like the sound of what we do that's great. There are many more people in Norwich we'd like to reach and our limit is only really financial.

Here are ways you could get involved and play your part:

🔸 Use our cafés - you get delicious food and our community benefits

🔸 Use our catering - if your workplace is having an event where you need food choose us. Likewise if you are having a social event with family or friends. We deliver too. Head to our website for menus and how to order.

🔸 Take part in our fundraising events - we are running a fun treasure Hunt in September, tickets here:

🔸 Choose us the Charity partner for your business.

🔸 Give people we are working with opportunities to get into employment e.g. work experience visits, practice interviews, advice on your business sector.
🔸 Volunteer - much of our work is delivered by kind volunteers working alongside our staff. There are a wide range of roles suiting different time commitments and skills.

Want to get involved?

Drop an email to Chris Elliott, our Marketing Manager,

Photo: some of our team with the Small Business of the Year trophy we won at the Norfolk Business Awards last November.

Any event where you need food use the Feed. It's amazing and everyone is always impressed.
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Get Involved!

Help our work in the community, and have a brilliant time doing it!