Our Social Supermarket will open in spring 2022

The service, to be based on Hall Road, will help Norwich residents in several ways:

  • offering affordable groceries with members offered heavily subsidised prices

  • providing food free of charge from a Community Fridge for those in an emergency situation

  • cooking classes to help people learn these skills

  • providing advice on recipes and cooking equipment

  • helping people budget for their food

  • hiring out the kitchen facilities for community cooking events

All this aims to ensure everyone can access healthy food whatever their finances or experience.

The supermarket will also combat food waste by working with local suppliers to redistribute their surplus.

Help us to get started

The store is expected to open in spring 2022 but supporters can get involved right away. We need:

  • Volunteers to help run this service

  • Local food suppliers willing to provide food on a regular basis

  • Donations of cooking equipment

  • Local residents familiar with these issues who’d like to work with us to shape this project

  • Partner organisations to provide support with issues related to food poverty such as money, housing, employment and more.

Contact andrea@thefeed.org.uk if you can help with any of these or if you wish to know more.

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