Our Board

The Feed Enterprises CIC Board members

Kevin Hanner – Chair

Kevin has worked within vulnerable adult services across the region for a number of years. He is currently employed as AMHP (Approved Mental Health Professional) Lead for Norfolk County Council managing the Countywide AMHP Service. He is experienced in senior management, budget management, third sector and vulnerable client group.

Christine Chalmers

Chrissy is currently the Worklessness Development Officer with Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services, working specifically with housing support services to increase the education, training and employment chances of socially excluded groups. Chrissy is experienced in networks, impact monitoring, grant management, training and employment.

Jen Booth

Jen is an experienced management consultant. She is based in London and has worked with clients such as KPMG and Barclays.

Ros Finon

Ros has a career in financial management in commerce and industry, has held several trustee roles and is experienced with charities and not for profit organisations.

Nick Applin

Nick is an experienced manager from the food and beverage industry and now runs a successful PR and marketing company.

Matt Townsend

Matt is the Chief Executive of The Feed Enterprises CIC and a member of the board.

The Feed Foundation

The Feed Foundation is a CIO registered with he charity commission. The board members of The Feed Foundation are:

Ros Findon
Christine Chalmbers
Jen Booth
Nick Applin
Andrew Driscoll