Scott McBride

Volunteer Coordinator

Scott is responsible for recruiting and managing our team of volunteers. This includes ensuring they are trained and supported in their roles.  


We asked Scott a few questions in November 2023 to get to know him better:

How long have you worked at The Feed?

I joined the Feed as Volunteer Co-ordinator in December 2019.

Tell us about your role?

As Volunteer Co-ordinator, I am responsible for the recruitment, training and support for our team of wonderful volunteers, some of whom help us in our 'volunteer-led' support projects such as Nourish and the Social Supermarket, and many others in our revenue generating sites such as Waterloo Park Pavilion Cafe.

What do you like about the role?

I love meeting new people and people from all walks of life kindly supporting us by applying to volunteer. Being a facilitator to that is hugely rewarding. Giving people opportunity is the part I love most ... whether that's helping someone to 'give back' to their community, or gain something tangible themselves, seeing people achieve goals and being part of that is fantastic.

I love that our volunteer programme is an amazing way for people to get new experiences, increase confidence and reduce social isolation, and those moments where volunteering has enabled someone to fulfil a dream and goal, for example getting into employment after facing challenging circumstances.

What's your favourite food in our cafes or on our catering menu?

I'm not going to lie, I'm rather partial to the amazing Sausage Rolls with 'Pow-wow' chutney 🙂 but recently as the colder weather is arriving I've been smitten with the lovely fruity porridge I've been having at Waterloo Park - a great start to my day!

Your dream meal - where would you go, who with and what's on the menu?

I'm going to be a bit opulent here - you asked! haha. It would have to be something I don't get a chance to have, so I'd head to the Mediterranean and choose one of those little fish restaurants you find right on the coast in a little village somewhere - Super fresh (I'm actually hungry now thinking about it!) I'd take my wife and daughter, naturally, and my Mum and Dad as they'd love that opportunity too. If I could have a couple of guests, I'd choose Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the musician George Clinton from funk band Parliament - sure they'd have some amazing stories to share!

What do you do to relax?

Music is a big passion for me, I collect records and have a love of music of all sorts from around the world. I also own and run a radio station in my spare time and have been a DJ for over 30 years. I love getting outside too though and enjoy being out in nature, fishing and birdwatching etc.

We're very lucky here in Norfolk to have some beautiful places to visit! I love a Sunday walk with the family and our occasional trips to the west coast of Scotland too (preferably when the sun is shining!). I hope to live there one day!

If you are interested in volunteering for The Feed there is more information here: or you can email Scott:

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